Zodiac Wedesday: Shinya Kogami

Kings and Queens and those in between it is Wednesday! And not only am I back with some Astrology but I’m back with Astrology AND SOME HOT MEN! Well, one of them at least. Enforcer Shinya Kogami from the crime hit series Psycho Pass. Today we will be figuring out what are his Big 3 […]

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Anime For Beginners!

So I don’t know about you but I get super excited when I have a friend who has never seen anime before ask me, “How do I get into anime? What shows would you recommend me?” *Internal screams* (Don’t scream out loud. Otherwise, they may run away before they’ve been converted.) For new watchers, I […]

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Sayonara House… Sayonara Mom

The Promised Neverland Season finale Review I’M SO EXCITED! Hello hello to all my beautiful people out there! Just recently the season finale (yeah…season not series) of The Promised Neverland premiered and all I’m gonna say is if you haven’t watched it you haven’t lived yet. So go watch it, catch up on the show […]

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Zodiac Wednesday: Koro Sensei

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time for another Zodiac reveal! Today we will be looking at the detonating, talking octopus we all love… Koro Sensei from Assassination Classroom. Without further ader… let’s get rollin! Appearance: Well…he’s a giant, yellow Octopus with regenerative tentacles and skin that cannot be pierced by human weapons and a smile that […]

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Zodiac Wednesday: Yuri Katsuki

Hello to all my kings, queens, and those in between. Today we are giving the astrological spotlight to anime’s precious, handsome, and extremely talented figure skater: Yuri Katsuki from YURI!!! On Ice. I’m so excited for this one. Yuri is actually one of my favorite anime crushes of all time. Let’s get this started. Appearance: […]

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Zodiac Wednesday: Kusuo Saiki

Hey there! It’s that time of the week again, where I get to look at your favorite characters’ personas and give you an idea if you’d get along with them in real life based on their sign. First of all, I’d like to know how these Zodiac Wednesdays are going for you all! If you […]

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Zodiac Wednesday: Revy

It’s time to play the game, “GUESS THEIR SIGN”! Or simply just read and learn about the character’s zodiac sign. This week we have the famous “Two Hands” herself. The gun-slinging, foul mouthed, fearless, rude as hell, don’t take shit from anyone, emotionally repressed, but still a badass, REVY from Black Lagoon! Le’ts get this […]

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Zodiac Wednesday: Annie Leonhart

Hello to all my kings, queens, those in between, and my Titan fiends! Today is Wednesday, so, of course, it’s time to get down with Astrology! Today’s Zodiac Wednesday, we will be covering our favorite Ice Queen: Ms. Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan! Elsa is cool, too. But she doesn’t get the spotlight today. […]

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Zodiac Wednesday: Princess Nausicaa

It’s Wednesday, everybody! In honor of the film’s upcoming 35th anniversary, this Zodiac Wednesday will be dedicated to a classic. My favorite Studio Ghibli film and probably my favorite character of all time: Princess Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Shall we get started? So, I’m not gonna lie. I had to do some […]

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