Why Banana Fish Ended the Way It Did.

So what we are going to talk about is the famous tragic ending of Banana Fish. Specifically, the last minute of the series and what lead up to it. WARNING: If you haven’t seen the full series, I highly suggest watching it before you read this.  Sigh…so Banana Fish, my absolute favorite show, filled with action, twists, turns, love, devotion, heartbreak, HEARTBREAK, and plenty of […]

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7 Most Badass Women of Anime

This one is for the ladies of anime who confronted Death, looked it in the eye, and said F*CK YOU to its face. Not only have these women taught me how to kick some ass but also how to look good while doing it. WARNING: This post may contain spoilers. Wouldn’t want to ruin a […]

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Real Talk…

I want to thank everyone for visiting this first post because you all are the originals of this page. The pioneers. You are starting this journey with me. Welcome to Trust the Gaijin, where, if you couldn’t tell by the title, this is where we keep it real when it comes to anime.  Real talks, […]

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