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Seven products to lift your car

Are you a handyman and dare to change the oil or make small repairs? These are the portable lifting systems that exist. Remember: never get under a car held only by an elevator, also place some sobriquets.

Scissor jacks
It is the simplest model and uses an endless screw mechanism. It allows to lift the vehicle easily, and it is very useful to do little complicated things , like changing a wheel. It can be stored inside the tire of the spare wheel itself of almost all cars, because folding takes up little.

Ratchet cats
They serve to lift large weights and at high altitude progressively. Ideal for 4×4 vehicles: in addition to lifting the car, they can be useful to remove if you get stuck on a road. Its disadvantage is that they do not serve very low passenger cars and occupy a lot.

Wheelbarrow jacks
They consist of a rigid structure provided with wheels, a hydraulic cylinder and an articulated arm with a lifting disc. Their load capacity is greater than that of scissor jacks – between 2 and 3 tons. They are heavy, stable and the ones that can be lifted the most. They are also simple to handle, as they are lifted by manual pumping, through a lever. Before buying it, look at its height to make sure you can use it in your vehicle.

Bottle cats
Its principle of operation is identical to that of the truck jack, although the lift is not mounted on a structure with wheels, but on a fixed and flat support. The lift is carried out directly by the elevator, which gives it a very large load capacity, which can be up to 20 tons. On the other hand, due to its shape, it does not fit under the lower vehicles and, in addition, its amplitude of elevation is usually significantly lower than those of truck.

They are small slopes on which the car is placed so that it is elevated, whether it is supported on its front or rear wheels, so they are more comfortable to use than a cat. They provide a very stable support, which prevents the car from wobbling during work.

Ramps with cat
They include a hydraulic lift to raise the vehicle even higher.

How do you use them?
When using these elevators, a series of aspects must be taken into account to work safely.

Cats: To start, the car must be in a firm area, with good visibility, as horizontal as possible and always with the handbrake on and a gear engaged. Then, you must find the right chassis place to hook it: all vehicles have anchor points to be able to be lifted with a jack behind the front wheels and in front of the rear. It is highly recommended that its load capacity be 70% of the mass of the vehicle and should always be at least 50%.

Ramps: First, you must make sure that the car is located completely on the top of the best car ramps, which is formed by a flat or concave part on which the tires must be placed: this way you will prevent it from moving. You should also verify that the width of the wheels is compatible with that of the ramp, since, otherwise, the weight of the car can push them out and fall. In addition, you must always leave the handbrake on and a gear engaged – or the P position, in the automatic ones.