Zodiac Wednesday: Princess Nausicaa

It’s Wednesday, everybody! In honor of the film’s upcoming 35th anniversary, this Zodiac Wednesday will be dedicated to a classic. My favorite Studio Ghibli film and probably my favorite character of all time: Princess Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Shall we get started? So, I’m not gonna lie. I had to do some […]

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Zodiac Wednesday: Shoto Todoroki

Hello to all my kings and queens and those of you who are in between. Back by surprisingly popular demand, I bring to you this week’s Zodiac Wednesday! This week I’ll be analyzing the personality and guessing the signof a fan favorite of the anime world, Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia (or if we are being […]

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Unstoppable Ships: BL Edition

Hey there to all my kings and queens. We all have those two characters (sometimes three) we cannot get enough of in an anime and we keep watching the series to see what happens to them. Episode after episode we are given hints of their chemistry. We see scenes where the tone is set just […]

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To My Boys Love Lovers…Here’s Why You Should Watch “Yuri!!! On Ice”

Here’s the rundown of Yuri!!! On Ice. It’s about pro figure skater, Yuri Katsuki, who carries a defeated personality but strong determination. Recently, he came in last place during the season’s finals taking a huge toll on his self-worth. Now out-of-shape and doubting himself after that public loss, he refuses to take part in next year’s skating […]

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